Jeff Beck and the Unrequited Desire for Cool

This is a fun one. Surely everyone will be able to find something to like about this song. A couple of introductory notes. First, this is Jeff Beck along with a highly recognizable vocalist. Beck broke into public view as a member of the Yardbirds. I don’t know if too many people recigize the Yardbirds as the seminal band that they were. Clapton was a member for awhile. So was Jimmy Page. In fact the Yardbirds ended with a lineup that included not only Page, but Robert Plant and John Bonham as well. They renamed the band to something else. Slipped … Continue reading Jeff Beck and the Unrequited Desire for Cool

The United Reformed Church of Satan

Satanism has, for years espoused Egoism as the basis for fundamental practice and ethics. The largest formations, Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, (which was just this side of a prank), and the Temple of Set, (a scarier group run by military psy-ops expert, Michael Aquino), are infused with extreme individualism. Some practitioners, Boyd Rice for example, or Varg Vikernes, have infused their versions with white supremacy or heathenism. Satanism in these cases begins to shade into the espousal of outright Fascism, and the veneration of Hitler. But at the end it’s pretty much the same. They are radical Social Darwinists. … Continue reading The United Reformed Church of Satan

Buckley enjoying a civil conversation with Gore Vidal. I believe that this is the point where Buckley threatens to punch Vidal “in the goddam face”. Regardless of political persuasion, such erudition from the Right’s favorite public intellectual can only be admired. Continue reading