Songs at 8:00 pm – playlist #2

Alan Parsons Project: The Eagle Will Rise Again

Seals and Crofts: Hollow Reed

Patti Smith: Dancing Barefoot

Laibach: Across the Universe (the video is actually quite lovely)

In The Nursery: Love will Tear Us Apart

Sol Invictus – In A Garden Green

Dandy Warhols: Nietzsche

Bob Mould: Sacrifice

Sufjan Stevens: 7 Swans


One more track, kind of unrelated to the general theme…but definately intriguing:


Assad or the Naked Lion

A post that will  infuriate my tankist friends, if I had tankist friends, or any friends for that matter:

“Assad’s victory doesn’t only consist of committing unimaginable crimes, but to make sure they become something banal even to the outside world. The more Syrians he kills, the less the international community is interested in their tragedy. This is the criteria for his success. Indeed, in the foreign press, these killings do not make the headlines anymore, regardless of how much we talk about them. As for international efforts in favor of a democratic transition, they have practically stopped. Certain world powers which demanded Assad’s departure when he had made only a few thousand victims are now declaring their willingness to see him maintain power now that he has hundreds of thousands of victims.”


via Assad or the Naked Lion

“At Walmart!” – The Most Unwanted Song


The most brilliant artists of all time. Mulatta Records describes them thus:


They teamed up with David Soldier who, among other things, developed the first all animal orchestra, (the Thai Elephant Orchestra). Together they surveyed populations of several different countries about musical taste. Based on the research, they created musical pieces that were most likely to be successfully received within a given population.

More important, as a control, they also created a piece of music that is likely to be universally reviled. Namely, this:



Trump/Sanders 2020

Illuminating evening at Margarita’s in Salem, New Hampshire.

I had a conversation with two gentlemen from, respectively, somewhere around Waco, and mid-western Kentucky. I imposed myself into their conversation at a point where they were inveighing against the Left…specifically at the point where one of them announced that the more the Democrats hated Trump, the more he liked him.

I popped in: “What did you think of Bernie Sanders?”

“Trump/Sanders 2020”  was their response.

I find that interesting.

First the fact that  Bernie Sanders garnered respect among the MAGA populists. The most left-wing candidate in several generations is not seen as “Left”. Bernie went after Hillary when it was her turn, and Hilary was the consummate Establishment candidate. The DNC fucked Bernie over. This is not lost on the Red-Staters. Whatever sins Sanders may have committed as an out-spoken Socialist, this is paramount. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Second, as I mentioned to my interlocutors, the GOP is totally divided about Trump…and they are fine with that. There is an element, which should not be dismissed, wherein this past election was a major middle finger. It functions, politically, like the Ark of the Covenant in “Raiders of…” It is powerful, and, I’d argue, absolutely necessary.

If we’re not lifting that middle finger as well, then we’re not paying attention. If we want a country, much less a planet, that is governed by its inhabitants, than it’s a question of revolutionary transformation. The middle finger is key.

This is where it begins.