For one, we did it to Russia

via Russia Isn’t the Only One Meddling in Elections. We Do It, Too. – The New York Times


You’ve been Served!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been receiving calls where the prefix is (888). Everyone of these has been some variation on the following:
“You are being served by (fill in the blank, more often than not its the IRS). To avoid a judgement against you, you need to call us and arrange for a settlement…” …and it goes on from there. It ends with the a very ominous message that the call itself counts as you having been served.
This is, of course, utter BS. I just received a particularly scary one meant for an old colleague that goes on for a full minute and twenty seconds. The fact that these idiots called a wrong number kind of takes the sting out of that falsehood. You can’t be served over the phone, and certainly not via voice mail by a recording.
I mention this because this scam is getting ubiquitous. Somehow that no-call register we all dutifully signed up for ain’t much of a defense against these fricking mooks. Something sinister  has been set loose.
Stay smart!

Of the Demonic in Politics

Mural in children migrant detention center:



“The odd thing about demonic inspiration and impetus is that it in no way enhances the purely intellectual stature: it chiefly affects the mere will.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

The Bible is extremely clear about damage done to children. It’s a theme that traverses both the Jewish and Christian texts. Crimes against children are of such a nature that damnation is practically guaranteed (Matt. 18:6).

Yet we hold these children as hostages. We intend to continue. Our erstwhile leaders cherry-pick scripture, (Romans 13), to defend themselves against the condemnation that naturally follows. It’s a penetrable shield. Evil is as evil does.

We’ve moved well beyond normal political discourse, as much evil as could be found there. We are now on a trajectory toward the purely Satanic.

The Current Paradigm is Toxic

That is why all improvers of our situation who merely concentrate on health are so petit-bourgeois and odd, the raw fruit and vegetable brigade, the passionate herbivores, or even those who practice special breathing techniques. All this is a mockery compared with solid misery, compared with diseases which are produced not by weak flesh but by powerful hunger, not by faulty breathing but by dust, smoke, and lead. Of course there are people who breathe correctly, who combine a pleasant self-assurance with well-ventilated lungs and an upright torso which is flexible to a ripe old age. But it remains a prerequisite that these people have money; which is more beneficial for a stooped posture than the art of breathing.

— Ernst Bloch, The Principle of Hope

(From Jacobin, №28 / Winter 2018)